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1-Click Habit Widget

It’s a widget which by 1 click per period ingrains a Habit into Your brain.

1.  I have developed it after long research in Google Play after trying to find but couldn’t find some simple very solution for habit tracking…

2. Why? – The thing is that I wanted to have more simple and convenient habit tracking tool than existing ones.

3. This means – the killer effective habit reminder should always be visible on the screen so I have created it as a Widget on my Android.

4. Tracking should as simple as possible – so the Widget got only 1 button to track, directly from Home Screen and no weird popups before tracking!

5. I need quick status of my Habit progress – so the widget has a shape of charging battery showing visually charge level and has semaphore lights indicators and always shows essential stats numbers.

6. And the main thing – The motivation principle for this tool was taken from Practical Psychology – NLP field (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP uses award based motivational strategy to make any human habit strong and easy to wire into the brain!

7. This Widget has become my Motivational tool No. 1 – because home widget and 1 single Click reminds and motivates me to take easy effortless steps to track this way to enforce my habits for reaching my life goals!

Short Theory: How Do I Form a Good Habit?

Making a good habit is exactly the same as making a bad habit. The brain is amoral when it comes to habits. It does not care if it is good or bad.
Creating a habit is easy as the brain is naturally wired to create habits. We create our habits all the time. Since habits form so easily, we need to make sure we are doing the right things.

To form a habit first you need to repeat the event. With enough repetitions it becomes a habit. Positive reinforcement after each event creates a habit.
SO every event should have instant and immediate Reward. This way brain is rewarded with endorphin; The behavior is then written into the neurological pathway and strengthened every time.

OK, enough talking about theories, how to start using Widget?

1. Starting is very easy! First, add  Widget to Your home screen. At first time app launch – Preferences Screen will popup;
2. In Preferences Screen click on Habit Name to create it or select some idea from expanding list on the right;
3. Create a Repetition Reward which you feel you will receive after every repetition; This is default reward, but during tracking, you can always add notes to your every repetition just by clicking on reward title in widget.
4. Select repetition times for your habit (scientific recommendation: studies show that there should be about 21 days of single repetition to develop a habit into routine).
5. Setup Alert Notification type and time in Widget Settings if you wish to remind yourself about about every Habit Event.

How to track the Habit

1. Click on the big button on the right of Widget after the Task was just finished. Tracking Done!
2. If you wish click on Reward title to customize it.
3. If you wish click on Last done date stamp to open the Chart showing your current habit progress.
4. If you wish select Chart on habit title to get details of this Habit Tracking History.

Rules of the Widget

1. The Punishment: If repetition event was not completed for the required period, next period total repetitions count will be decreased by times not done.
2. The Undo: You can undo event repetition click by clicking again on the tracking button (if you have 2 or more repetitions on a period, – click tracking button within 1 second time frame to remove all).


Where to get it?

You can get it  here, you are welcomed to enjoy it in full paid version and give the feedback!

Get it on Google Play

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